History & Events

Are you planning an event or do you wish to produce a documentary on the history of your company? The topics and occasions for a documentary film are endless.

We support you – before the first flap.

Jointly with experienced copy editors, we work out a script together with you and will then put it into action with great attention to detail. During this, we will also be happy to do all the necessary research from the start. We will write the speaker texts or the interviews and will draw up a story board if more complex topics are concerned.

Together with our film team, we will take charge of the entire shoot from the organisation of the audio and light direction through to the continuity assistant.
We follow a transparent approach during the film cutting stage, will keep you up-to-date on the different steps at all times and will show you the respective status from the rough cut, fine cut, the finished colour grading and the audio direction.


We will also be happy to support you with posting the finished documentary on Vimeo, YouTube or a platform of your choice.

Simply talk to us