About Us

Who we are

Chriz Merkl, Managing Director

I founded chriz film productions in the early 2000s. Having worked with various companies and productions in the film industry (H5B5 Media AG, Welt der Wunder, circles and lines postproduction), the film business had me hooked. Following an internship with photographer Bernd Schuler, I returned to my roots and founded a digital agency – the mmc Agentur für interaktive Medien (Agency for Interactive Media) – based in Munich and Coburg.

Since 2008, the agency has seen an increase in demand for photographic and film services. I took this opportunity to revive my skills as a photographer and film producer and founded Chriz film production.
Since then, many training and educational films as well as promotional films and advertising have been created. Thanks to my work on the international arena, I have been fortunate to make many contacts in the media industry. As a result, I can rely on a wide network of partners.


Our professional camera equipment includes diverse leading brands (e.g. Canon, Black Magic and Red), naturally complemented by extensive rigging, light and sound equipment, field monitors and recording systems.

Our equipment is available for use at our studio and also on location. We maintain a good network with other service providers and can therefore also accommodate special requirements at any time.

Our team

Our experienced team consists of permanent employees and freelancers which permits a lean setup so that we can offer our services at affordable prices.

We maintain an extensive network across Europe, Africa and the US and can organise shoots at these locations for you.